Teach Your Dog Simple Words Before They Become Complex

Nov 22, 19 | #40 | Teaching Dogs Simple Words Before They Become Complex

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– Any Issues…Go Back To Square One.
– Don’t Push Progress.
– Your Dog Has Been Dysfunctional Their Whole Life To This Point.
– It Would Take A Human Months And Years To Recover From PTSD.
– Pushing Your Dog To Fail Then Wonder ‘Why’.
– Your Dog Doesn’t Regress…Your Dog Plateaus.


~ Teaching Dogs Simple Words Before They Become Complex.
~ Start With Basic ‘Instructional’ Words aka Commands aka ‘Action Words’.
~ The Same Words You Teach Children With.
~ Examples: Stop, Go, Wait.
~ I Call These ‘Conversational Words’ At A Toddler’s Comprehension Level.
~ Add Complexity By Conjugating Verbs.
~ “Go” As An Action Word.
~ “Left” As A Directional Instruction.
~ My Dogs Understand “No” As A Complex Command aka Action Word.
~ This Replaces “Leave It”.
~ Teaching “No” At First Is Mostly Misses Then A Few Hits.
~ Can Use Classical Commands Then Transition Your Dog To Conversational Words.
~ Transition Conversational Words As…Action Words.

Viewer’s Question About Their Reactive Dogs

~ Who Is Zevia The Dog.
~ Watch Her Life Begin.
~ A Blend Of Nero And Tonka And Walter.
~ Zevia
~ Johnson
~ Richard
~ Robert

Read the news coverage:https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/b-c-based-dog-whisperer-to-rehab-great-dane-rescued-by-911-first-responder

DISCLAIMER: Everything I talk about is from my extensive experience with extremely dangerous and predatorial dogs.

Do NOT take unnecessary risks. Any dog has the potential to
kill humans and other dogs/animals.

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Dysfunctional = Sentience


“James Tsai is an incredible dog trainer. He works with the most hostile dogs you can imagine and helps turn (the dogs’) lives around.”
~ Anthony McLachlan, national TV host, AMI TV


Modernizing dog training
Psychogenetic Destructuring

There’s a cooler way to train dogs.

Recognized by:

~Court of New York
~Southampton Animal Shelter, New York
~Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Los Angeles
~St. Martin’s Animal Foundation, Los Angeles
~Davey’s Voice, Santa Barbara
~Nami Kim’s Save Korean Dogs
~Pacific NW Bulldog Rescue
~PV Mexico, Adopt, Donate, Foster and Flight Angels
~Consultant for SRGDRR – largest Great Dane Rescue in North America
~Consultant for New Hope For Danes – oldest Great Dane Rescue in Canada (est. 1982)
Clients include new families starting out, international rescue orgs, CEOs of multinationals, entertainers.
#HempMyPet Organic CBD Oil helped my beloved Nero Tsai live over 2 years longer.https://arfarfbarkbark.com/NeroGreatDane/

Petting Two Aggressive Dogs At The Same Time.

Your Dog Barks Out The Window To Ask Us To Investigate And Acknowledge.


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